3 Ways To Get Generate Leads FAST

3 Ways To Get Generate Leads FAST


Alright so let’s put some context to this article before we dive in.


We are going assume that you have a service based business which is already somewhat profitable and you now want to scale up.


Some types of business that fit the bill here would be :


  • Chiropractor
  • Financial services
  • Banking Services
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Clinics


Whenever you’re creating your marketing strategy, you need to look at the short AND long term goals.


Ideally you want to plan your 30 Days, 90 Days & 180 Days.


Some would argue that you need to plan your whole year and that’s totally fine.


We prefer doing it like this as most plans never go as planned and shorter periods gives you more iterations.


So, if we had to try and double any business in the next 90 days, here’s what we do.


Google Ads – Also know as PPC


According to industry surveys, at least 3% of your current buyers are actively searching for a service/product on Google on a daily basis.


To target those users with “High Intent”, we use Google’s Paid Advertising platform called Google Ads.


Google Ads, AKA Google AdWords,,is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search.


If done right, Google Ads can get you leads on the same day or the next.


Now because this is probably the easiest and most obvious way to get high quality traffic, competition is usually high. But fortunately because the way Google Algorithm works, there is an opportunity for multiple advertisers both old and new.


Google takes various signals like Click Through Rates, Quality Score, Ad Rank and so on to determine who gets the top spot so it’s NOT only a question of how much money you have in the bank.


To get started with Google Ads, all you need is a good landing page, specially if you’re in a service type of business where people already know of what you’re offering.


E.g If you’re offering dental services, you don’t need to explain much about your services so your funnel would be very simple and could look like this


Ads > Landing Page > Enquiry



Ads > Landing Page > Phone Calls


Depending on what your goal is, you can really get up and running very quick with great results.


Now we’re at it, there is a very common myth out there saying that Google Ads are expensive.


That’s a good thing and a bad thing.


It’s good because it creates more opportunity for advertisers like us who know the power of ROI.


We shouldn’t be looking at any sort of advertising as a cost. Instead, we should be looking at the ROI it generates.


At the end of the day, we’re all in the business of multiplying money.


So when running Google Ads, we should know our numbers very well.


When I say numbers, the 2 most important ones that we need to know of are


  1. Customer lifetime value
  2. Customer acquisition cost

Often times you might not know your lifetime value but that’s ok. You can go with an assumption and work backwards.


Google Ads can get very technical if you’re running budgets of over $100 a day then it would make sense to hire a professional.

2. Facebook Advertising.

Facebook is a Goldmine!




I have personally ran countless campaigns for clients and I run Facebook Ads for my own businesses.


I love the power of Facebook Ads.


It can change lives, in a matter of days.


It took me around 4 years to crack the code but once I did, I never looked back. I spent around usd 3000 doing trial and error but persistence showed me light at the end of the tunnel.


My most successful ads have been for local businesses.


Straight up Ads to Landing page with an enquiry form.


Alright so let’s talk about how to make Facebook work for you.


The most important thing you need to understand about Facebook compared to Google is that your prospects aren’t actively looking for your services.


Earlier I mentioned that 3% of your prospects are actively looking for a solution on Google, the rest are Facebook. Literally!


In the other 97%, you have the warm audience which is around 30% and the rest is cold.


Let’s focus on the warm audience, that’s plenty to work with. Why bother about the cold ones, unless you have a really small market.


On Facebook, you can target people based on


Who They Are ( Demographics )


What They Like ( Interests )


What They Do ( Behaviors )


So when crafting your campaign you should take into account what type of data you have to target your prospects.


You don’t always have interests or behaviors so you need to start by doing some research using Facebook Audience Insights.


This is a very useful and underutilized tool that Facebook puts out for you to understand your target audience better.


One core concept that you need understand when doing any sort of display advertising, is that you’re doing a pattern interrupt.


Your target audience is not active searching for a solution but they doing something else. They might reading, watching a video or engaged into different types of social activities.


Your ad shows up in their space, it can get or not get their interest and if it does then you a chance.

Remember, the goal of your ad is to get their attention and create an interest.


Not necessarily to sell your product or service right there. That’s what landing pages or salespage are for.


You just need to have enough info to get a click and we generally look for at least 1% outbound Click Through Rate as a starting point whether you’re using an image or video ad.


In general Video ads get better results as it’s more captivating and conveys your message better. I always start by testing image and if initial tests are conclusive, I add video creatives.


Here are some quick money saving tips to get started.


  1. If your end goal is to convert visitors, use Conversion campaigns and make sure you setup your Custom Conversion Pixel
  2. Unless you’re running a campaign for a specific event, always use an ongoing campaign.
  3. When you’re testing, you’re looking a 1% outbound Clickthrough Rate. If you don’t get that, kill the ad
  4. Start with low budgets but with at least 5x your CPA per day/adset
  5. You need to feed at least 50 conversions per week to keep it optimized

Now Facebook Ads can get very technical so we won’t get into the nitty gritty details here, that’s for another specific post.


The beauty about Facebook is often times you can generate better quality leads than from Google at a lower price. You’ll only know after you test your campaigns and results will vary for each product/service and niche you’re in.


The 2 strategies above the most direct ways of generating leads fast.


Now One tactic worth mentioning is to use Facebook Lead Ads in the same manner as you’d use a landing page with Facebook Ads


I have personally tested Facebook Lead Ads to generate buyer seller leads and Solar Installation.


In general it’s a faster way to get a campaign up and running as you don’t need to worry about creating a landing page. On the other hand I have noticed that leads generated using Facebook Lead Ads tend to be of lower quality as there is not much information given to prospects. Often times users see an ad and just click on the download or get offer button without really understanding the offer.


I would advise you use lead ads when you’re selling products or services that don’t require a lot education.


Again, you’d need to test in your specific situation.

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